Monday, November 14, 2016

Paying Apps and Sites

Do you remember the dial up connections, the assembled desktop computers with floppy drives and the hourly rates which use to vanish in checking few emails? It was a reminiscence of the days when internet penetration was low and slow connections. Once started it use to make lot of noise. It used to take minutes to download one photo or page. The internet surfing charges were on hourly basis in cyber cafes which had sprung up everywhere. Recalling it makes me wonder how fast the technology and speed has grown over the past 10 years.

We are now in the age where you do not have to pay for being online but can get paid for it. Yes, you read that right. You must have seen thousands of false and misleading ads about earning online, but not anymore. The sites mentioned below are tried and tested by the experts in the field of marketing, blogging, internet gurus, techies, artists and activist.

Please bookmark this page as I will keep it updated with changes happening in the below mentioned sites and apps. 

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In this series below you will see tried and tested methods over the past 2 years by me and countless other techies and marketing experts who have earned in thousands. But keep this in mind that this is not their only source of income but one of the sources. I have met people who claim to earn entirely from online activities such as blogging, freelancing and get-paid sites, but they are not verified.

One more word of caution, I have put together the sites below by using them for more than 2 years. By the time I publish this blog, few sites my close down and new ones crop up. Make hay while the sun shines is the mantra here. Perhaps you may come across completely new and changed site from what is mentioned below. Hence I will try and update this blog regularly.
paid to login

Earning Potential and Invites
Cointasker is not a task master, instead it lets you earn in bitcoins for all the task completed. You have a choice of over 2000 tasks you can choose from, from just listening to FM radio (with ads) or sharing content to surveys. You choose your task. They also have rewards for the active users simply to login to site. You can also add friends and have a wall feature where you can share stuff.

PROS - Very user friendly and lot of options of tasks you can chose from. My favorite, FM radio – you can just keep it on new tab and keep doing your stuff. It also has lot of recommended sites where you can earn bitcoins.

CONS – Very slow site. Cant access at work, often blocked. Most of the tasks are not updated. Deducts your earnings for sharing links, ads etc on your wall.

There is no limit as to how much you can earn since there is lot of choice of tasks. It pays you for basic things like login (10.00 µBTC ) and making friends (0.10 µBTC)

You can join by invitation referral by clicking here
Bonus Bitcoin is a completely FREE bitcoin faucet paying out up to 5,000 satoshi every 15 minutes.
Also, at the end of each day (around midnight UTC) you will receive an automatic 5% bonus added to your current account balance - provided you made at least one faucet claim during the previous day.
As of 6th July 2017 all payments from Bonus Bitcoin are made instantly and directly into your CoinPot account.

Join here and start earning in Bitcoins (Satoshi)

Empowr is the very first online Democratic Social Economy. The site was launched in 2015 and is growing exceptionally well, with all new features and UI.  It is a very unique kind of social network which is purely on payments. But there is a catch.

When it comes to cashing out your earnings Empowr needs you to pay an Ad Platform Fee. Empowr has a Manage Ad Campaigns which is automatically set to search for ads for you to help you earn money from these ads. Empowr lends you a certain amount of ad credits which are then used to fund your Ad Campaigns. After the ad has received clicks and has generated a profit you get a portion of that profit, but you have to wait for 90 days for it while it charges you instantly.

So I have started using it without giving my paypal or credit card information and pay ad fees from the earning itself.

PROS – Very easy to use, sign up and start posting per the instructions. It has a library of short informative videos which you can watch and learn.

CONS – Its charges your paypal/credit card for the ad fees which is a catch.

Empowr’s earning is bit deceptive. The balance which it actually shows you in your account, goes into your ad revenue platform. So eventually you are not able to withdraw it unless you pay the platform fees. Though there are ways to engage and go past the levels.

Hence people give up on it after initial 2-3 months.

No referrals required you can join it directly by signing up
Mykites is platform, rather a forum for all those who like to write, blog, creative people & share their thoughts meet the people sharing the same interests and earn at the same time.

PROS – It has a good number of forums and people who are regular on the site. They help you get familiar with the site. Minimum redeemable amount is Rs. 60 or $ 1 only, which is I guess the lowest withdrawal amount amongst the paying sites.

CONS – The UX/UI needs to me more user friendly as when you LIKE some post it refreshes the whole page and also can’t figure out if you have actually liked it or not.
To join by invite only click here and start earning.

Site is down since 25th January 2017. 
MyLot is community forum which pays you for your valuable contributions to community in any form and for completing Offers by advertisers.

Earning depends on your contributions, engagement and active participation. You can add to earnings by clicking and completing various offers. Minimum earning is $5 before you can withdraw from your account to PayPal.
No referral required, though they are considering it in the future.

You can directly sign up.
CoinURL is a again a strong contender in the Bitcoin earning sites. It offers non-intrusive, high-efficient text and image contextual advertising for your website! Based on the pay per click system.

Click here to join by invite and start earning.
WordLinx pays members for completing a variety of simple tasks, like sharing links, viewing websites, playing games, watching videos, surveys, offers, shopping online and traffic exchange. 

Members can earn more by referring their friends. Wordlinx pays up to 50% per purchase, up to 50% per completed task and up to $50 if your friends upgrade their WordLinx account. 

Wordlinx allows to buy more advertisements on the links you have shortened. Creating shortened links is completely free. If you want to buy more advertising, Website Visitors are $0.002 each, Text Link Clicks are $0.10 each and Text Link Impressions are $0.001 each.
Join by invite only by clicking here
LinkShrink is the fastest and simplest way to earn income online, specifically designed to start earning money with links you share on social networks. They use innovative system which brings together web users and advertising companies in a way that is beneficial for all.

The best link shortener I have come across possible for 2 reasons. Even if you shorten the link and share on social networks (Facebook) it will give you the preview of the original link not Linkshrink’s preview except for whatsapp.

They do have other tools such as quick shrink, multi shrink, webscripts and API’s among others.

The payout rate differs from country to country. In India it is decent $3.24 per 1000 views while Qatar has maximum $ 7.43 per 1000 views.

Join by invitation here. Click here

I was intrigued by the number of people using the site and also people referring to it. Although I didn’t like the UX much of this site, it’s okay to spend 5 minutes frequently per day on it.

Monkytalk has a virtual gold currency which can be redeemed through PayPal later.

Lot of online draws for which you need to be online. The draws are directly proportional to the total new referrals joining the site. Additionally they have other contests too, blogs and much more.

What Counts As A Paid Like:

         Only likes are counted. Dislikes are not paid.
          Likes must come from a 'verified' member
          Liker has not exceeded the maximum likes in the last 24 hours of: 30
          maximum likes from the same user in last 24 hours is: 1
Join by invitation only, click here
ForumCoin is an online forum and discussion boards where you earn simply by participating on their forums, no complicated mining required. Use ForumCoin to buy and sell goods and services and exchange for traditional, real world currencies.

Their objective is to become a new world currency, that you can use to purchase anything from apples to zoo tickets.

A simple plain vanilla discussion forum which pays in various ways including Paypal & Bitcoins.
Join by invitation by clicking here

rewardbase (written in lowercase) is an app which rewards you with free data and mobile recharge in return of trying new apps and completing easy tasks.

Log into the app each day, i repeat daily &  play games and refer friends to unlock extra rewards and more mobile recharge top up. Get started with  Facebook login and mobile phone – you can be on your way to earning free mobile recharge instantly.

To gets rewards you need to have patience and try surveys, refer more friends and yes update your android as well the app updates. 
You can join by clicking here 
Excellent platform for freelancers. Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to customers worldwide.

You can almost sell any skills on this platform as long as you are able to market it well on Fiverr. The best part about it is that it does not have bidding, which limits the scope for an individual freelancer.

It has one of the best UX and search functionality, which is imperative for a site which has a huge collection of skills and services on offer.
The standard service charges start from $ 5 for any service. The more appealing description you display, the more the chances of getting the gig.

You can offer upto packages in the service you offer customizing the offer.

Click here for
Every day when you login to paidtologin, you don't only get paid but you also earn one impression so instead of the banner above you could put your and will be shown to the other members immediately.

There is nothing more to learn more about this system. Just plain simple login and the more your refer the more your earnings per login.
Join through referral by clicking on the link here
WowApp is a paid whatsapp, as simple as that. But in terms of quality and efficiency of use, nowhere close to it. It has a “Advertise Me” feature which lets you monetize your content (messages, chats windows) and claims to share 70% of its revenue with the users.

Pros - The UX is appealing and they have included a search which gives you an option to connect with people on the app. But it takes a lot of time to connect and load messages and also to refresh.

WowApp recently increased the sources to earn i.e. games. Cons - They need to seriously work upon the connectivity and downloading of messages before they launch anything new.
You earn one wowcoins which equals 1 US cents. Depending on your network and usage you can earn around

You can join by invites only, click here to download app and join
IBO Toolbox
IBO Toolbox (Independent Business Owners) is an online network of businessmen. It provides a place where independent business owners can market and promote their businesses in many different ways for free.

It is been named TOOLBOX for the reason that there is a toolbox of marketing tools that include everything from social media marketing to press releases that get ranked in Google and are designed to drive traffic to your website or anyone of a variety of social media outlets.

It has various partner sites such as IBO Exchange, IBO Banners, IBO Tube, IBO LIST, IBO GIGS and IBO Answers. 
LinkiLike is a influencer platform for all social media enthusiast who have lot of following and who wants to earn from sharing branded content. You will only get content that fits your personality and interests - thus you share authentically.

You can join through Facebook and start sharing on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Tumblr. They make payment in Euros, and you can withdraw it once you reach 10 Euros.

They make payment via PayPal.

Join here and start earning in Euros
Slide App
Slide app is simple and easy to earn. How many time did you unlock you mobile. What if you get paid for everytime you read and unlock the mobile, instead of staring at the dull screen? Sounds interesting? I absolutely loved the concept. Just slide the content of your choice on the locked screen, learn, earn and earn real money.

Swipe Right to Unlock, Swipe Left to read up the content that pops up on your screen and soon you land onto this page that tells you more on your topic of interest!
- Swipe Up to view options of content and continue earning! Isnt that cool ?
You can earn offers and discounts if you LEFT. Else you can earn around Rs. 1 everyday depending on how many times you unlock and read through the content which appears on the screen.

Download the app and join now by clicking here
The 8 App is a new mobile social networking application that allows you to create and tell stories through your content. You your daily activities in the form of photo’s and videos, events with your social network and get rewarded.

Pros – Really cool UX and they  have combined features of all and tried to make it Tumblr-ish

Cons- Quite a few bugs in uploading pictures and navigation. They can do away with some web-parts like is simply earn huge discounts and cash back while you shop online. Cash Back can be combined with other existing rewards on credit cards or frequent flyer miles.’s platform delivers a personalized e-commerce experience, tailored to your shopping interests and preferences for an easier, more customized online shopping experience.

For each friend you refer, you can earn a Cash Back boost, which helps you earn more Cash Back on future purchases.

Once they join, we'll make sure your friends maximize savings with personalized Cash Back deals stacked with coupons.

I tried it only once and was a decent discount on apparels.
Here you can earn huge discounts and cash backs on your regular online shopping. Once you achieve various levels Eg. VIP your

Chitika ads

If you have a blog or website you should use Chitika ads. Chitika is a display advertising network, nmuch like AdSense. Chitika strategically displays ads that primarily aims to provide advertisements that are relevant to the content. The big difference is, the ads displayed are driven by the visitor's search query, not directly by the content on a given page the user is surfing.

Chitika simply allows both publishers and advertisers to more easily incorporate display advertising into their overall business plans. It also takes context into account, so that advertisements are matched up with websites promoting similar content.

It displays inline text ads and CPC

Minimum threshold of payment is $10
VStart is another task based app which pays for performing simple tasks like check-in, spin, lock screen, contests, download other apps etc.

A very simple & pleasing UX design and easy to use. Some of the tasks I like are mobile screen lock (which displays ads which pays you). User get 2 check-in options - one is every 2 minutes get one coin and every 5 hours get 5 coins. Spin the wheel and get more coins. You have other earning options too such as subscribe to YouTube channel, daily contests, apps download etc.

Pros - Really fast paying site as you can earn 1000 coins within 2-3 weeks and send it to PayTm or PayPal . Simple UX makes it easy on eyes.

Cons - Too many ads slows it down. Its very much addictive as you keep checking your mobile every now and then to check-in and get coins. 
Please join by invitation by clicking here 

Referral code - wwPKKW6T

You can earn 1000 coins for 50 INR in PayTM  or

5000 coins for $5 in PayPal.
An affiliate marketing program with a twist. They allow publishers to monetize content through reviews, blogs and websites.

By identifying commercial products mentioned within a publisher’s content, VigLink automatically invigorates those terms by transforming them into hyperlinks whose destinations are determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions. Yes, hyperlinks, the defining feature of the Web from the very start. The literal “H” in HTML. Every time a clicked link takes a person from one destination to another, value is created. However, that value has never been fairly priced or available for purchase at scale. Until now.

For your earned bitcoins, you will need a Bitcoin wallet and vault to keep it safe like you keep you money in the banks. Xapo is recommended for depositing all you earned Satoshis and Bitcoins or any other crypto currency. You can download from Google Play.

The funda is clear, social media channels are minting money through ads and paid subscriptions. Internet traffic has an economic value associated to it, the more the merrier. Users have this power of multiplication, the more you connect, refer and publish posts, the more reach it has.

Why not exploit the sites which harness this power of internet traffic and share revenues with users?  If you are not paid for such activities then you are wasting your time, literally. Put a value on all the post, comments, likes, shares recommendations reviews or any activity you do on social media. It SHOULD be for endorsement.